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Plant of the Month.

General meetings of the Northern Group nearly always commence with a member giving a 10 minute presentation on an interesting Australian native plant. These include both native plants growing in their natural habitat and those many plants suitable for cultivation in native gardens.

For several years the Examiner newspaper and their garden scribe, Les Hodge, published a 'Native Plant of the Month' as well as the continuing notification of our meetings and guest speakers. As at our meetings, the articles featured botanical details and coloured photographs.

Below are many of both the Examiner articles and links to our General Meeting 'Plant of the Month'.

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Click here to view 2011 'Plants of the Month'

Click here to view 2012 'Plants of the Month'


Plant of the Month 2013 -

Year Month Species Newsletter Reference
2013 March Correa Canberra Bells Jun 2013 p.4
  April Prostanthera lasianthos Jun 2013 p.4
  May Kunzea parvifolia Jun 2013 p.5
  July Grevillea spp Sep 2013 p.2
  August Poa spp Sep 2013 p.4
  September Dendrobium speciosum Sep 2013 p.5
  October Pandorea pandorana Dec 2013 p.5
  November Pultenaea pedunculata &
Hibbertia serpyllifolia
Dec 2013 p.7
2014 March Adenantos sericeus Mar 2014 p.5
  April Microcachrys tetragonia Jun 2014 p.3
  May Nothofagus gunnii Jun 2014 p.5
  June Nothofagus gunnii Sep 2014 p.3
  July Anopterus glandulosus Sep 2014 p.5
  August Grevillea callichlaena &
G. semperflorens
Sep 2014 p.6
  September Richea dracophylla Dec 2014 p.3
  October Stylidium despectum Dec 2014 p.4
  November Kennedia nigricans Dec 2014 p.5
2015 March Leptospermum petersonii Jun 2015 p.4
  April Atriplex cinerea Jun 2015 p.7
  May Arthropodium strictum Jun 2015 p.9
  June Baloskion tetraphyllum Sep 2015 p.3
  July Thryptomene saxicola Sep 2015 p.5
  August Pentachondra pumila Sep 2015 p.9
  September Zieria littoralis Dec 2015 p.5
  October Ricinocarpus pinifolius Dec 2015 p.7
  November Astroloma humifusum Dec 2015 p.7
2016 March Billardiera spp. Mar 2016 p.8
  April Scaevola aemula Jun 2016 p.2
  May Marchantia polymorpha Jun 2016 p.4
  June Backhousia citriodora Sep 2016 p.4
  July Xanthorrhoea spp. Sep 2016 p.6
  August Mentha australis Sep 2016 p.7
  September Acacia leprosa 'Scarlet Blaze' Feb 2017 p.2
  October Goodia lotifolia Feb 2017 p.4
  November Prostanthera cuneata Feb 2017 p.7
2017 March Bulbine spp. Jun 2017 p.2
  April Hakea 'Burrendong Beauty' Jun 2017 pp. 6&7
  May Doryanthes excelsa Jun 2017 p.11
  July Gleichenia dicarpa Sep 2017 p.7
  August Clematis gentianoides Sep 2017 p.10
  September Microcachrys tetragona Dec 2017 p.3
  October Comesperma volubile Dec 2017 p.6
  November Gaultheria hispida &
G. lanceolata
Dec 2017 p.11
2018 March Banksia spinulosa var. 'Birthday candles' Jun 2018 p.9
  April Eryngium ovinum Jun 2018 p.10
  May Aristotelia peduncularis Jun 2018 p.11
  June Banksia baueri Sep 2018 p.13
  July Cassytha species Sep 2018 p.14
  August Exocarpos cupressiformis Sep 2018 p.14
  September Richea dracophylla Dec 2018 p.11
  October Available later  
  November Boronia molloyae Dec 2018 p.12

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